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Project Detail

El Jugador Module

Designer: gadgetgangster
Howto: flickrCategory: Propeller
Difficulty: Easy
Great for builders of all skill levels
Official Gadget Gangster Development Product
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NEW - Using a QuickStart board for your Propeller Projects? Use Quick Player to make your own games.

The El Jugador (pronounced: "el' hoo-ga-door") turns the Propeller Platform USB into a retro, open source game console that connects to any television. El Jugador takes advantage of the Propeller’s multitasking ability to generate graphics and video, making playing and creating retro-styled games fun and easy.

Once you’ve had a taste of the dozens of great games you can play on El Jugador, you can jump in and start programming your own in BASIC, C, Spin, or Assembly. Programming your own games is both easy and rewarding.

  • PAL or NTSC Video Output with Audio
  • 2 Controller Ports
  • Make games in C, spin, or assembly
  • Modular so you can add other things like battery packs or protoboards.
  • Open Source under the MIT license
  • Overclock-able up to 200 MIPS with a 6.25Mhz Crystal
  • Designed to work at 3.3v logic levels

El Jugador arrives as an easy-to-assemble kit.
A beginner can assemble the El Jugador in less than an hour.

The El Jugador and the Propeller Platform USB together create the perfect open source gaming platform.
Download the Propeller Games Mega Pack to get started quickly.

A few video demos:

Wolfenstein 3D

NEED A GAMEPAD? We have a limited number of NES-style gamepads available right here
Make It!

You'll need a few tools to build this project
(1) A soldering iron & solder
(2) Diagonal Cutters
(3) A controller

You'll also need a 2mm tip 6-12V power supply and a Propeller Platform USB.

You can run your game directly from USB, or program the Propeller Platform USB with this binary, just connect it via USB to your computer and open the binary file in the Propeller Tool.
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