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Quick VGA+

Designer: gadgetgangster
Howto: AssemblyCategory: Propeller
Difficulty: Easy
Great for builders of all skill levels
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A Gadget Gangster favorite project
Official Gadget Gangster Development Product
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QuickVGA+ is one of our most powerful Quickstart add-on modules yet, turning your Quickstart into a full-fledged microcomputer. QuickVGA+ provides immediate access to all of the exciting abilities of the Propeller in one simple package. Use your Quickstart as a terminal, retro gaming console, develop programs in several languages that run on the Propeller itself, or just experiment with the advanced features at your disposal.


  • VGA Video Output.
  • PS2 Keyboard or mouse input
  • Right & Left Stereo Audio Ouput.
  • Wii Game Controller Port.
  • Optional microSD Module connection.
  • Optional IR connection.
  • Edge connections to V3/Vss & P12-P14.

Here's an example of the power of
the QuickVGA+ on top of a Propeller QuickStart

Want to see the full Turbulence demo? Run it on your QuickVGA+
Turbulence was created by Linus Akesson, a winner at Breakpoint 2009 Webpage, Binary.
Upload the binary to your Quickstart/QuickVGA+ using F11 to send it to the EEPROM.

  • VGA P16-P23
  • R/L Audio P10,P11
  • PS2 Connection P26,P27
  • Wii Controller Connection P24,P25
  • Optional IR connection P5
  • Optional SD connection P0-P3
  • Edge connections P12,P13,P14

QuickVGA+ is one of the most advanced boards you can currently plug into your Quickstart. Unlike most Propeller based VGA boards, QuickVGA+ can perform serious tasks and still know how to have fun.
Make It!

You'll need a few tools to build this project
(1) A soldering iron & solder
(2) Diagonal Cutters
(3) A Quickstart board.

Optional: Nunchuck Controller or Classic Controller.
Optional: microSD module.

Assembly takes about 30 minutes, and is suitable for beginners.


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